CONTEXT 004 – Snježana Premuš

The choreographic and dance work of Snježana Premuš, who has been actively present in Slovenia since 2001, is closely linked to discursive approaches and theoretical perspectives, as she continuously invites writers, dramaturgs and other external observers to reflect on her practice. Her precise and meticulous articulation of her own interests, motives and methodologies has inspired us to conceive this Context as a dialogue between the formulated impulses and/or methodological procedures and short excerpts from her performances in order to unveil their connection in front of us.

The choreographer’s work, spanning over more than twenty years, constitutes an extensive oeuvre, which she herself divides into various formal or informal strands. Context focuses on three of them: Amplified Body, Stories of the Body, and Physical Manifestations.

Authors of the Context 004: Maša Radi Buh, Tery Žeželj
Producer: Špela Kopitar

CONTEXT is a support programme of the Bunker Institute in development, which tries to emphasize the importance of the Old Power Station space and map the archives of the creators who traverse this space. It is about treating artists with a wide-angle lens: finding and emphasizing the connections between time, biography and the previous work of an artist, which results in a kind of extracted installation, and tries to better root the author and offer a basis for reading the new work in the context of time and their past oeuvre.
The main goals of the Context are the understanding of and research into the author’s work as a continuous artistic practice, thus establishing an understanding of the works of art as part of a longer journey, which is not just a series of unrelated points (performances).


22. 09. 2023


19:00 - 22:00


Vstop je prost./Free entrance.


Stara mestna elektrarna

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