City of Women: #METOO IN CULTURE

Public reading of testimonies

The #metoo campaign gives voice to women students, pensioners, workers, precarious workers, scientists; to people who are active in diverse life circles, who occupy diverse social positions and are not exclusively female. These testimonies reveal where and in what ways sexual harassment and violence appear in Slovenia, as well as how they are experienced by the victims.

The testimonies received so far indicate that sexual violence and harrassment are strongly present in our society, although they are often invisible. In addition, the immediate surroundings and legal definition of the criminal offence of rape often deprive the victims of their personal dignity and autonomy.

The non-governmental organisation 8th March Institute has observed that few testimonies have come from the culture sector. It is time for us to finally speak up.
Co-organisation: City of Women, The 8th March Institute. Support: Ministry of Culture in the framework of the Gender Equality in Culture conference.


28. 09. 2020




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