Bernardo Chatillon: REINDEER AGE #1


In a series of performances titled Reindeer Age, Bernardo Chatillon explores what bewilders us – poetry, tricks, magical objects, systems of ocult knowledge … perhaps memories that intertwine with movement of time, so that we can only recall the past and not the future. Reindeer Age #1 thus emanates from a childhood memory that holds both, the euphoric expectation of going away on holiday as well as the fear that the holiday might not really happen – even though it has already begun. Rather than arising from words – even though they seem to be pouring out of the mouth – the performance comes to life in the arena of the body: The very body that stands as a conductor of our internal sensations, an entity present when we are not yet or no longer able to express our internal landscape.
The creative work of actor, dancer and circus performer Bernard Chatillon delves into the exploration of magical thought in relation to new materialism and the »worlding« concept, which melts together the material and the semiotic to erase boundaries between the subject and its environment. Similarly, we see Chatillon’s movement as his primary expressive medium directly connecting and melting dancer’s intimate inner world with its surrounding arena – one of the momentary present, but also one of the past and possibly of the future.

45 minutes
Performance is in English, a Slovene abstract will be available.

Concept and choreography: Bernardo Chatillon
Performers: Bernardo Chatillon, Marc Lohr
Music: Marc Lohr
Light design: Tiago Gandra
Producer: Cláudia Teixeira
Creative support: Self-Mistake, Trust Collective, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Residency support: Trust Collective, O Espaço do Tempo

Photo by: Inês Sambas


20. 08. 2023


21:30 - 22:15


1 €


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