19th Drugajanje: Rajzefiber

Closed state borders, closed municipal borders … Travel is even more vital and necessary when it is not possible. But we can travel anywhere, even in our hometowns, so we invite everyone, especially students, to travel around Maribor. In cooperation with Rajzefiber, we will – as soon as possible – invite you to four tours of Maribor: for those who already know Maribor like the back of their hands, as well as for those who will get a feel for the city for the first time through specific optics … to get the opportunity to travel!

Available tours:
Maribor Metropolis with Vid Kmetič
There are many urban legends and clichés circulating about Maribor and the people of Maribor. Some of them are true, but many things are pretty much made up, but they still sound good – in typical Maribor fashion. The tour Maribor – metropolis touches on these more or less hidden stories about the city, about those that make Maribor what it is. A bit rough around the edges, but exactly the way we like it. One could say Maribor has everything the big ones have, perhaps even more, but in our own, Maribor way, and we are sure that after the Maribor – metropolis tour, you will feel the same.

Graffiti Tour with Tanja Cvitko
One of Maribor’s walls reads: “Graffiti are the creative face of the city, so don’t destroy it.” Tanja knows almost everything about Maribor’s graffiti. She will take us on a tour of the most famous, fun and telling city graffiti. You will learn many new and interesting things and hear about the stories of their authors and the motivations behind its creation. Perhaps, there is even a local Banksy among them.

LGBT Maribor with Rene Volker
The history of the LGBT scene in Maribor has never been written. There are plenty of oral histories and stories, legends and underground allusions, both about the people supposed to belong to it and about the events and locations. The scene is people. The scene is locations, bars, gathering places and events.

Poor Spaniard with Juan Moreno
What is it like to come from sunny Malaga to Maribor, about which you know nothing except it’s the hometown of the love of your life? What is it like to learn Slovene, which sounds “Greek” to the Spanish ear? “Nothing makes much sense. I hate declensions, and sometimes I confuse words,” says Juan, “Poor Spaniard”, which deals with all the cultural differences, customs and language in his very own way, full of humor. The Poor Spaniard tour of Maribor will take us on a walk around the city that also became Juan’s home in the last seven years. We will get to know Maribor from a slightly different perspective, because “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Or is it “peepers”, not eyes? Juan?


05. - 09. 04. 2021