MismoNismo collective: NOiseCirkus

NOise Cirkus is an improvised project that combines music and circus, while being an ode to objects that have lost their purpose. What value do such objects have in a consumer society where individuals are surrounded by a mass of things they do not need? The artists explore the boundaries of the modern circus in an innovative and effervescent way, through noise as ephemeral sculpture for the repossession of objects, creating their unique language of beauty in the midst of chaos. The collective MismoNismo is an alt-art circus group from Ljubljana that aims to accept the uncertainty of the future by experiencing the (precarious) present or the precarious Now. MismoNismo: “Our aesthetic is raw, experimental and full of flaws. The form is an experiment, and the Idea is everything.”

“At the height of a long and hot summer it is time for¬—more circus! After successfully completing the first part, we are ready for the second part of the 14th edition of Klovnbuf Festival, which this year is all about the search for balance: between sky and earth, between circus and other genres, between the normality of yearning and the abnormality of being, of living. In the post-pandemic world, the little man is completely lost, so it is necessary to find a new balance of power, focusing on human virtues, values, skills, abilities, imagination, body, mind, and heart. This section will focus on Slovenian circus artists, with happening being concentrated in the Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana.”

Information and ticket reservations: info@bunker.si, 051 269 906.


27. 07. 2021