Tjaž Juvan: NOISTER: VAL³

The performance Noister: val³ combines the forms of a kinetic sound set-up and a contemporary movement performance based on modern circus. By merging two different artistic genres, it explores the relationship between man and machine, constantly exchanging their roles of the manipulator and the manipulated. The result of this relationship is a sound that becomes a catalyst for further interaction as it connects the space between the performer and the objects. In the performance, the protagonist Noister surrenders his life to modular loudspeaker objects that he places in various precarious installations or platforms, while the interaction between the objects and Noister creates a soundscape that moves through the space, making the sound a co-creator of the space.

“At the height of a long and hot summer it is time for¬—more circus! After successfully completing the first part, we are ready for the second part of the 14th edition of Klovnbuf Festival, which this year is all about the search for balance: between sky and earth, between circus and other genres, between the normality of yearning and the abnormality of being, of living. In the post-pandemic world, the little man is completely lost, so it is necessary to find a new balance of power, focusing on human virtues, values, skills, abilities, imagination, body, mind, and heart. This section will focus on Slovenian circus artists, with happening being concentrated in the Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana. ”

Information and ticket reservations:, 051 269 906.


26. 07. 2021