TU in TAM – The Mladi levi festival kitchen

August 22nd to September 2nd
The platform by the Slovene Ethnographic Museum

Art undoubtedly brings people together, but so do food and drinks: they are also a part of culture and undeniably function as social glue. Everyone participating at the festival will therefore be fed every day in a humorous dining room, filled with creative warmth and located at the platform by the Slovene Ethnographic Museum. Having travelled thousands of kilometres and having taken many passengers through time and different lands, the bus will be converted into a kitchen base, whereas the dining room will become a meeting point, where the festival team and guests will be able to rest and gather their strength. The travelling SUPERkitchen, with its sincere flavours, will thus become a prestigious and unique restaurant full of tiny ideas and small events.

Idea and design: Tanja Radež, Igor Remeta, Žiga Merhar
Food preparation and hosting: Supercatering/Žiga Merhar

FREE tickets to all events, but you can support our festival with voluntary contributions.
More information and ticket booking: +386 51 269 906, info@bunker.si
Meeting point after the performances: DRUGA POMOČ, Šmartinska 3, 1000 Ljubljana
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