Theatre Playground 2.0

Pilot project / Cultural education

Theatre Playground 2.0 seeks to bring contemporary theatre to schools all over Slovenia and engage participating pupils and teachers not only as consumers of art, but as emancipated audience and also as creators.
Contemporary theatre is brought to pupils and teachers as an independent field worth experiencing and also as a pedagogical tool.
We develop and experiment with various activities aimed at becoming regular part of the school curriculums, methods and tools.

Three seasons / Three school years
* Audience – 2017/2018
All activities focused on theatre as an experience and on analysis and reflections of professional contemporary theatre.

* Stage – 2018/2019
Key focus is the experience of creating, of partaking in the process of the creation.

* New horizons – 2019/2020
Year focused on intertwining theatre with other arts and with information-communication technology and other new technologies.


School in Culture
A redefinition of a popular Slovene program School in Nature – instead of the focus on nature and sports, a three-day program focuses on the urban and the arts. An intensive program that submerges the children and the teacher into 16 hours a day of arts.

Cultural Day
Classic cultural day with a twist – only contemporary theatre and dance are curated and the focus is on the reflection that precedes or follows the performance.

Tandem Hour
Teacher and artist together prepare and execute regular classes of the curriculum.

Theatre Club
Theatre Clubs are an elective subject usually mentored by teachers. We pair teachers with artists (usually actors or directors) to work together.

Theatre Club outside school / Curating Team
Yearly program for young people to learn how to curate theatre.

School in Culture for Teacher
In the spirit of trying on your own before inviting others, teachers go through similar three-day program as we prepare for children.

Season Ticket for Teachers
Three seasons of 8 events per season for teachers. Performances are accompanied by talks, debates, workshops, lectures…

Target groups:
Teachers, children of the last triad of primary schools, artists, professionals

Video of School in culture

Igrišče za gledališče 2.0: Šola v kulturi, Maribor 2017 from Bunker Ljubljana on Vimeo.