International cooperation

Create to Connect

Create to Connect  is a joint effort of 13 European cultural and research organizations to create powerful and long-lasting connections of artists, cultural operators, researchers and audience. The partners’ organizations have made commitment to several years researching and finding new approaches to educate the audience as well as the production models that will engage the audience in new innovative ways and trying to create new public arenas together with the audience, whether it be physically, through dialogue or participation. The project runs from 1st September 2013 to 31st August 2018, its coordinator is Bunker, Ljubljana.




trans-making is a transdisciplinary approach / intersectoral dialogue with different fields of the humanities and social sciences on the one hand, and stakeholders in the art and creative fields on the other. trans-making connects more than 20 partners from different European and Non-European countries (China, Morocco, Egipt, Cuba, Chile …). The project trans-making aims to establish a multilateral network of research and innovation staff active in the fields of placemaking/place-based art activities as a space to create alternative narratives for social, economic and democratic renewal. It investigates and experiments with placemaking to contribute actively to the democratization/well-being of society, educating and empowering individuals through research and production in the connection between art and new technologies.


Imagine 2020 (2.0)

Imagine 2020 (2.0) is a project of 10 EU based arts organisations, funded by Creative Europe, with a focus on raising awareness in the cultural field and in a broader civil society context around the issues of the socio-ecological crisis that we are currently facing. It funds artistic commissions, research and development and promotes the sharing of resources, ideas, knowledge and debate across the various topics under the umbrella of art and ecology.

Imagine 2020 (2.0) developped from the Imagine 2020 Network, which researched new ways of producing and presenting exciting artworks with minimal environmental impact, and shares its learning in order to get the European cultural sector as a whole to include climate change concerns in their everyday working practice.

Balkan Express

Balkan Express is a network where cultural experts and integrated socially engaged practices join forces to mobilize the cultural sector in the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe as well as beyond, to encourage the exchange and collaboration and, finally, to develop sincere supporting relations between culture and society.

Flanders – Balkan Express Caravan Meeting in Ljubljana

Flanders – Balkan Express Caravan Meeting, Ljubljana from Bunker Ljubljana on Vimeo.

Video: Ana Dimitrijević




From 2012 onwards, the Drugajanje festival is part of the network entitled Festivals in Transition. Thirteen of its partners are involved in the project  URBAN HEAT, which is a project supported by Creative Europe, enabling artists to engage with the invisible communities within cities. The four year project supports artists to develop and create daring and extraordinary work that connects with the world outside the arts by addressing urgent political and social issues, and by working with audiences and communities affected by those issues. The Slovene artist taking part in the project is director Mare Bulc.

Bunkerjeve aktivnosti v okviru projekta Urban Heat:

* Participation at Cairo City Lab, Cairo, Egypt, April 14th – 17th 2016

* Participation at Alkantara festival, Lisbon, Portugal, May 25th – June 11th 2016

* Maribor City Lab in the frame of Drugajanje Festival, Maribor, Slovenia, November 21st – 25th 2016 (Programme)

* Marko Bulc: The First Altruistic Performance, production of the performance, Stara mestna elektrarna, Slovenia, November 22nd, 2017

*Festival Drugajanje, Maribor, Slovenia, November 28th – 30th 2017

*Festival Drugajanje, Maribor, Slovenia, November 27th – 29th 2018

From year 2012 – 2015 partners of the FIT network were actively collaborating in the project  Global City – Local City, which brought together eight European festivals. By way of artistic exploration, the network strived to tackle social, ecological and political issues related to the cooperating cities, as well as global tendencies in the transformation process of urban city centres. The exploratory phase, in the form of weekly CityLABs, i.e. city laboratories, were followed by artistic residencies, where artists created their own works to be presented at the festivals.

Video: Dominik Zizka


The Lionhearted will ignite and support the international breakthrough of emerging European contemporary performing artists through creating a platform of 20 arts organizations. Bunker, Ljubljana (with a rich history of supporting emerging artists) chose 20 arts organizations from Europe – with special attention to the outskirts of Europe –  that have experience in supporting emerging artists and fostering arts cooperation beyond borders.

Emerging artists are not defined merely as young, but we will create an antipode to the current arts system that either perpetually supports the big, recognized names or young, cheap, inexperienced, precarious artists, shoving them into the arena and spitting them out if they do not instantly succeed. We will support artists that have proven successful but have not had a major international breakthrough yet and for whom programmers believe could have meaningful impact also to audiences outside their national context.

All member organizations will host or tour emerging artists and with the support of the platform not only enable “the move” across borders, but also the back-up: besides covered expenses (fee, travel, subsistence) also promotion, audience building and positioning in a bigger picture – the Liohearted.

3C 4 Incubators

Culture, Creative and Clusters for Incubators (3C 4 Incubators) project represents a continuation of the Sostenuto project. 3C 4 intents to contribute to the promotion of cultural and creative sector as a factor of territorial development and economic and social innovation. The project runs from September 2013 to January 2015 and is supported by European Regional Development Fund.


The project Sostenuto aims at reinforcing the competitiveness and the capacities of economic and social innovation from the cultural and creative sector in the Med space by accompanying its transformation towards new economic and social models.


IDENTITY.MOVE! offers a transnational platform for theoretical and artistic research in the field of contemporary dance and related performing arts focusing on the ‘Eastern Belt’ of Europe.


Bunker is a member of the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts IETM. In 2008, Ljubljana hosted IETM meeting: Rehearsing Freedom.

Sites of Imagination

In the project Sites of Imagination (2007), an international multidisciplinary group of choreographers, theatre artists, architects and theoreticans together were exploring the Mediterranean city and created a multi-image artistic creation on the theme of the relation between body and city. Slovenia was represented by Mala Kline with the performance DÉBUT – In Memory of Coming.