Mladi levi

International festival Mladi levi is one of the more prominent annual events of the Bunker Institute, bringing the most current stage performers from all over the world to Ljubljana every end of the summer. It bears a mark of a demanding artistic profile, placed within the arena of contemporary progressive theatre and takes pride in its reputation for discovering young talents. The Festival has a distinctive atmosphere, marked with creativity and vibrant spirit, curious audience and social nature.

The annual international festival of theatre and dance Mladi levi showcases groups and artists with distinctive and original ideas and disciplines from all corners of the world.


Drugajanje Festival

The festival Drugajanje is organised by II. gimnazija Maribor and Bunker with the aim of introducing various forms and contents of contemporary art to young people, encouraging the distribution of production in Slovenia and bringing together cultural players within the Slovenian scene.



Days of Sy(e)nergy (3rd to 9th June 2007) were designed as an open forum for connecting artistic, scientific, technological, humanistic, educational, philosophical and theoretical disciplines. They were intended for all those who respond to the global changes of life on Earth in conjunction with their research and activities.