Drugajanje 2015

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Teenage years used to be the period in which an individual’s identity was formed. Today, identity is no longer something formed, but rather a dynamic process, intertwining throughout one’s life in an ever new ensemble. In the cacophony of identity choices, there exists a risk that a choice deafens us or that the choices become categorical, as if there is no more time or will for the entire range between black and white. This is why art is important; a field of the undefined, where new choices emerge, and where lives and identities are beyond categories, beyond dichotomies.

This year’s program of Drugajanje festival invites for a reflection on identities and on experiencing of identities outside the centre, be it sexual, political or locally-global, be it a perception of a different Maribor, as in the guided tours by Peter Šourek, an experience of disillusions of a generation, full of expectations by Beton Ltd. collective, or two stories, bildungsperformances of growing up,  MDLSX and Parallel. Who are we, what are our desires, who are others? From a perspective of identification with another, experience of another, not only a better self-understanding emerges, but also creativity and empathy. And this is precisely the perspective that we want to explore with Drugajanje festival; not only a perspective of arts and cultural education, but a perspective of experience as well, where anyone, faced with the stories of others, can find his place in the world – his identity.



Drugajanje 2015 catalogue (pdf – Acrobat Reader)

MARIBOR corrupt tour photo by Petr Sourek 3 23 – 25 November, every day at 5.00 pm
the walk commences under the Old bridge in Maribor
Petr Šourek:
Maribor – European Capital of Tourism 2021
Czech Republic/Slovenia
Beton Ltd._Vse kar smo izgubili_foto 80_Borut Peterlin 23 November at 6.00 pm and 9.00 pm
Narodni dom Maribor
Beton Ltd.:
Everything that we lost while we were living
Motus MDLSX photo by Alessandro Sala 24 November at 7.00 pm
II. gimnazija Maribor, Amfiteater
Groundfloor-Vzporedno photo by Groundfloor 4 25 November at 7.00 pm
II. gimnazija Maribor, Amfiteater
Ferenc Sinkó:
bannerIZG-2 - Copy 23 – 25 NovemberMaribor
School in Culture

Organized by: BUNKER, Ljubljana and II. gimnazija Maribor
Program and production: Alma R. Selimović and Katarina Slukan
Executive producer: Alma R. Selimović
Producer: Tajša Perović
Artistic advice: Mojca Jug
Public relations: Tamara Bračič Vidmar
Technicians: Igor Remeta, Andrej Petrovčič, Duško Pušica, Tomaž Žnidarčič
Technical coordinator: Jani Kancler
Drugajanje was made possible by: EU program Kultura, Ministrstvo za kulturo RS, Urban Heat and FIT – Festivals in transition network
Partners: GuestRoomMaribor, Društvo Nagib, Narodni dom Maribor, Radio Marš, Pekarna Magdalenske mreže, Salon uporabnih umetnosti

Information: +386 31 694 559, info@bunker.si

Free admission to all events.

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