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June 19, 2019 8:00 pm

Life is Short Stories is a collection of visual anecdotes about the meaning and madness of life. The stories are at times concrete, at times abstract; at times loud, at times quiet; at times silly, at times sombre; but they’re always comical and straight out of life. Almost entirely without words, the artist explores the sorrows, fears and hopes of a man who wants to be free from his constraints, yet is searching for a foothold.

For over twenty years, Matthias Romir has been creating short acts on the boundaries of juggling, object theatre, clowning and video art. At some point it occurred to him that many of his works have an intrinsic connection, without having been planned that way. That’s how several short stories became one long one and Romir’s first feature-length programme. The full spectrum of his work unfolds in an intense rush of images.

Written, directed and performed by Matthias Romir
Sound and Light: Hannes Volk
Videos: Matthias Romir, Anatoli Akerman
Set Design: Matthias Romir
Costumes: Anna Kemp, Matthias Romir, Jane Romir

Photo: Tom Schneider

“Comical and full of melancholic poetry.” (Schaffhauser Nachrichten)
“A Gesamtkunstwerk which the juggler’s skill releases from mere astonishment and the sheer pleasure of jugglery and instead embeds uncompromisingly into
modernity … an outstanding programme.” (Nürnberger Nachrichten)
“What it offers is the most beautiful poetisation of life.” (Darmstädter Echo)
“Matthias Romir has upgraded good old juggling for the 21st century … The artist, a
man driven.” (Der Westen)
“Simply amazing!” (Mittelhessische)
“Hard to describe with words” (Anzeiger Affoltern)

Main organiser: Zavod Bufeto
Co-organised by: Zavod Bunker, Društvo EX-teater, Festival Junij v Ljubljani, SMGL, Zavod Salesianum
Financial support: Ministrstvo za kulturo RS, Mestna občina Ljubljana – oddelek za kulturo, Turizem Ljubljana

Tickets: 7 € / 5 € (students, seniors, self-employed cultural workers)
Tickets pack: 24 € (valid for all festival shows)

Info & reservations:, 051 269 906
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“Das Leben ist Kurzgeschichten” new trailer from Matthias Romir on Vimeo.