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Janek Turkowski: MARGARETE (PL)

November 28, 2018 7:00 pm 9:00 pm November 29, 2018 5:00 pm 7:00 pm

Janek Turkowski is a Polish theatre author and curator. His main creative focus is the concept of time and narration, or the origins of the storytelling.

In 2008, he discovered a cardboard box containing 64 reels of 8 mm film at a flea market in the north of Germany; each reel contained images of the same woman, Margarete Ruhbe. He embarked on an artistic journey to reconstruct the life of the women discovered on the tapes. A mixture of images and narratives, the performance is a wonderful example of the intimate traversing the global, as we are witnessing Margaret against the backdrop of the former Communist Germany. In 2018, it is also hard to ignore the reflection on the self‑recording, on the images that we are accumulate of ourselves. Will anyone ever use them to create a performance, too?

Creator and Performer: Janek Turkowski
Video: Margarete Ruhbe, Martyna Głowacka, Adam Ptaszynski, Marcin Piatkowski, Janek Turkowski
Set Design: Wiesława Turkowska, Janek Turkowski
Music: Roger Anklam, Przemek Radar Olszewski
Translators: Jeannette Boettcher, Marcin Piatkowski, Andrzej Wojtasik
Management: Iwona Nowacka
Photo: Konfrontacje

55 minutes
The performance is in English.

Siniša Labrović: FISHING (HR)

November 28, 2018
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Siniša Labrović works mainly in the fields of body‑art, performance and visual art. In Ljubljana, he is best known for his actions and installations in the field of visual arts – he is currently part of the exhibition Heavenly Beings at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and he recently had an independent exhibition at The Match Gallery. Through his work, he addresses the ambiguous and painful aspects of society, such as nationalism, the vampirization of the Catholic Church, reality shows, the understanding of the past, and also the media degradation … His most notable project globally was, a reality show with sheep. He dressed up the island of Goli otok (Naked Island), sang the text of Gloria magazine to the sound of gusle, licked the feet of the audience … All his projects have a very clear point, but at the same time they are very open to interpretation, as he does his part and leaves the interpretation to the audience.

He is coming to Maribor with Fishing, a performance with an extremely suggestive title, which makes a more detailed description almost redundant. Fishing is a durational performance, which means you can catch it any time during the five hours.


Author and performer: Siniša Labrović

Photo: Tanja Radež