The KvinTon group from Ptuj is active on the Slovene music scene for over ten years now. Their first album »Lovci sreče« (Luck Hunters) broke new ground in the field of Slovene folk, rock music. The album was acclaimed by all serious music critics and more importantly it was received very well by the public. Their music is a mixture of blues, swing, rock, alternative and folk traditions. They find their inspiration in their environment. Their muse is the Drava Field, with its environs. For the KvinTon, the composing and playing of music is a joy and not an obligation. The global melting pot of nations is their source for their songs about fate, delusion, love and wine, which are all sung in the Slovene language. KvinTon group will present their new album of original music entitled »Razirklinga«.
They are also preparing a pleasant surprise for the visitors.

Band members: Robert Belšak – drums, Dejan Bračko – guitar, violin, Igor Mešič – electric guitar, Boštjan Koren – electric guitar, tamboura, Goran Podgorelec – double bass in Marjan Bone – accordion, vocals.