Drugajanje Festival 2016

November 21, 2016 - November 24, 2016

The political crises of contemporary day are deafening and no longer confined to the borders of nations or regions. After all, Maribor, too, is but a few dozen kilometers removed from barbed wire, and its students well aware of the uncertainties of the future, in part caused by the exhausted nature of our current political order. Which, then, are the terrains of resistance, struggle, or at least genuine understanding of our present situation and trajectory?

This year’s Festival Drugajanje artists engage in dialogue with the notion that the personal is inherently political. From the sixties onward, with second-wave feminism and the powerful student movements, we’ve come to understand that the private is indeed political, that the most intimate, most personal decisions are those that at once reflect the global political state and co-create it. In this manner, Mark Požlep travels the retirement homes of our ex-common Yugoslavian state to look our future in the eyes, Deborah Pearson searches for a path to the current and coming through the history of Hungary, through film and her own personal past, Beton Ltd. renounce great stories and venture into the realm of their own intimacy, their own “commune”, probing if true change and understanding may perhaps indeed arise only from micro-environments. In the meanwhile, the Balkan Kavkaz artist collective will tickle Maribor’s nevralgic points with their various interventions.

Sometimes, it is precisely the tiny changes, minute disturbances of the everyday that catalyze broader perspectives and action, with our collective intimate decisions, time and again, being what ultimately shatters the stasis of prevalent patterns and impossible boundaries.

Alma R. Selimović, Executive Producer of Festival Drugajanje

Bunker, Ljubljana

Since 2012, Festival Drugajanje has been part of the network Festivals in Transition, a cooperation between thirteen festivals that, within the framework of their Urban Heat project, strive to artistically explore and examine relationships between the arts, the city and its invisible communities. This year, the festival hosts the socalled artist laboratory, which focuses on Maribor and on narratives of survival – socioeconomic structures of power.


Catalogue  (pdf – with Acrobat Reader)

cudnije-od-raja_29839605596_o 21st November at 7pmSecond Gymnasium amphitheatre Mark Požlep: STRANGER THEN PARADISE (Slovenia)→The performance is followed by a talk with the authors.
beton-ltd-ich-kann-nicht-anders-foto-by-toni-soprano-101-e1470213112134 22nd November ob at 6pm and 9pmNarodni Dom cultural centre, Maribor
HISTORY HISTORY HISTORY-9 23rd November at 7pm Second Gymnasium amphitheatreDeborah Pearson: HISTORY, HISTORY, HISTORY→ The performance is followed by a talk with the authors.
 vilmos2  24th November at 7pmTrg svobode Square  (pri Kojaku)Vahe Budumyan, Vilmos Koter, Tanja Radež, Giorgi Khasaia: Caucasus-Balkans: MARIBOR→ artistic interventions in public space
LifeWriting_CreativeCommons November 2016–May 2017DRUGAJANJE & NAGIB SCHOOL OF CRITICISM
Urban Heat LAB #5: SURVIVAL NARRATIVES: Socio-economic Power Structures
22nd November at 11.30 am at GT22Svetlana Slapšak: ESCAPISM, EVACUATIONISM, MICROCOMMUNISM OR
MONASTERIES, ISLANDS, FORESTS: all the escapes from revolution (lecture)
Urban Heat LAB #5: SURVIVAL NARRATIVES: Socio-economic Power Structures 
24th November at 3pm at GT22Rima Najdi: CONFESSION #1(lecture performance)

Organized by: BUNKER, institute for the organization and execution of cultural events, Ljubljana and Second Gymnasium Maribor (II. gimnazija Maribor)
Programme and executive production: Alma R. Selimović
Artistic advisor: Mojca Jug
Producer: Tajša Perović
Public relations: Urška Comino
Organization assistant: Polona Vozel
Technical execution: Igor Remeta, Andrej Petrovčič, Duško Pušica
Technical coordinator: Jani Kancler
Festival Drugajanje is made possible by: Ministry of Culture of the RS, Urban Heat / FIT – Festivals in Transition, international network, EU Culture Programme/Project is financed by the European Commission. The content of this publication is the sole responsibility of the author and in no way represents the positions of the European Commission.

Partners: GuestRoomMaribor, Nagib na oder-Narodni Dom Maribor cultural centre, Vetrinje Manor, Radio Marš, Salon of Applied Arts, GT22, Balkan Express, Mladinsko Theatre, KUD Triola

Tickets for Festival Drugajanje are free of charge, info at: info@bunker.si
The single exception is the performance Ich kann nicht anders – tickets for which are sold by the Narodni Dom cultural centre at the following prices: 6 EUR, 5 EUR (students, schoolchildren, pensioners, self-employed cultural workers). Free for the unemployed. vstopnice@nd-mb.si

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