Foto: Aleksander S. Ostan

Location: Platform by the Slovene Ethnographic Museum

Every period has certain criteria regarding either beauty or functionality, which pervade and thus leave their stamp on a place in time. What is the vision and the image of the Tabor local district, which is considered to lack any real identity due to its fleeting and passing spirit?

What would be the proper action to take in order to face the social challenge of the present time as well as the current environmental challenge and thus make the available spaces more functional and attractive for people living in and using them?

Our conversation with artists, architects, and urban planners was focused on the subject of public space and the
aesthetic principles which determine it with regard to functionality and permanence.

Moderator: Nevenka Koprivšek
Participants: Heather Ackroyd, Dan Harvey, Majda Širca, Aleksander S. Ostan, Maja Hawlina,
Kud Obrat, Paz!Park, ProstoRož

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