January 12, 2015 8:00 pm January 13, 2015 8:00 pm

Delo iz ljubezni - Copy

Similar as in her earlier works, Teja Reba is continuously intrigued by the relationships between physical, emotional and political acts.These acts are always walking the line – between aesthetics and ideology, between references (repetition) and new possibilities (difference), between the sublime and the object, between sex and sexuality, between everyday life and art, between courage and vulnerability.

In Made with Love, Reba draws from her personal experience of near death in childbirth, from the labour as an extreme mental and physical condition and from the sudden death of her mother.These juxtaposed experiences are framed by the reflection about giving life, about love and work (both visible and invisible), that are the core of (pro)creative processes.The present piece is marked by the cooperation with visual artists Meta Grgurevič and Jaša and musician Eduardo Raon.

In theprocessofdevelopingthepiece, wetoucheduponmanytopicsrelated to motherhood, parenthood, divisionofroles, unpaidcareworkandnewfamilyforms. Wewould like to elaborate on thesetopics in discussionsaftershows.

Have you ever lost a thing?        Where do lost things go?         Are these things then lost?     If you don’t have them anymore, does it mean they’re not yours anymore?           But how can a thing be yours at all?             How do you know it’s yours?          Someone gave it to you?        You gave something in order to get something?            Can you say that you lost a loved one?     But how can you lose a person at all?      Can you own a person, after all?     Are you owned by your mommy?               Is she taking care of you?           Is this your room?          Do you keep your room tidy?     Then who does?         Is your daddy paid for this?           This is not his work?      What’s his work, then?             Yes, but what about tidying up, is this not work?          You mean that work can be either paid or unpaid?       Alright, job is one thing and work is another?        But this other work, is it work or is it love?        So you work when you love?       Is love work?

Author and choreographer: Teja Reba
Performing: Teja Reba, Loup Abramovici
Dramaturge: Suzana Koncut
Sound design and original music: Eduardo Raon
Set and lighting design: Meta Grgurevič, Jaša
Lighting design and technical guidance: Igor Remeta
Collaborating expert: Barbara Kapelj Osredkar
Graphic design: Ajdin Bašič
Executive producer: Tina Dobnik
Production: Maska
Supported by: Ministry of Culture, Ljubljana City Municipality
Thanks to: Janez Per and Količevo Karton Proizvodnja kartona d.o.o., Janez Janša, Barbara Rajgelj, Maja and Jerneja Šorli, Sarah Lunaček, Ava and Bela Reba Abramovici and all who helped with the realisation of the project in any way.

The first discussion, which will take place after the first reprise on Tuesday, 13 January, will feature Majda Hrženjak and Renata Šribar and focus on the unpaid care work as a self-evidentfactand on the attitude towards the femalebody. The discussion will be moderated by Suzana Koncut.