Sparks presenting: Fourklor: JUST HANGING AROUND

November 6, 2014 8:00 pm

Photo: Tit Filipovič

By making a significant step away from the traditional circus years ago, the contemporary circus has constituted itself as a cultural phenomenon of the new era. It was more than ten years ago when the group Fourklor first started flirting with contemporary circus and with the air disciplines in particular. These are the disciplines that the group intensely and systematically deals with also in the pedagogic context and continues to gain new knowledge in this area. The audience will see them perform a colourful collage of dancing on a fabric, on a rope, on an aerial hoop and more.

Performers: Nina Bučuk, Nina Grguraš, Lana Mihelčič, Lucija Adamič, Kristina Martinc, Rebeka Vegelj, Katja Pavlovič, Dušan Teropšič, Branko Potočan
Production: Vitkar zavod