What do you get, if you put a female singer and eight male dancers from various countries together for eight weeks, and everyday deconstruct the work they create?

Palle Granhoj is internationally acknowledged for his ability to create a form of constant obstruction of his dancer’s expressions. This method enables him to find the unexpected and unforeseen.

In Men & Mahler the focus is on the raw power of masculinity. Mahler’s sorrowful and poetic music becomes a counter point to the male bonding and masculine playfulness, when eight virile and powerful bodies, strapped out in rubber ropes, crowding together on EUR-pallet and performing masculine archetypal rituals. Meanwhile the singer with an Attenboroughish soberness observes the game and lets her soul embrace the heartbreaking and grandiloquent song.

The performance is a result of a unique cooperation between the DNA network and Granhoj Dans
(DK). www.dna-project.eu

Performance by: Palle Granhoj
Created in close cooperation with the performers: Bill Eldridge, László Fülöp, Áron Darabont Leon, Tomasz Ciesielski, Mikolaj Karczewski, Tomás Danielis, Aureliusz Rys, Petras Lisauskas, Dorte Petersen
Assistant: Johan Ohlsson
Visual Design: Per Victor
Music: Gustav Mahler Granhoj Dans are also: Malco Oliveros,
George Skalkogiannis

Production: Bora Bora and New Web
Special thanks to: Gledališče Glej