collaborative workshop, 2pm – 7pm daily
public presentation of the workshop: December 6th at 8 pm

Performing, directing, writing and interpreting scores – how to collaborate? How can we work together? Between the hierarchical pyramidal structures to the collective, there is an endless plurality of forms of collaboration possible. This workshop addresses different models of conceiving and reading scores, directing and collaboration. It also looks at gender performance as a form of score that encompasses language, gestures, and all kinds of socio-symbolic signs. It examines the boundaries between score/interpretation, rehearsal/performance, director/performer, and audience/presentation, and explores the artistic form of “burlesque”. This workshop’s focus is an investigation through praxis.

Open to performers, dancers, actors, singers, musicians, directors, sound and video artists, dramaturges, theoreticians willing to collaborate.

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Organisation: Emanat Institute
In collaboration with: City of Women

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