Old Guys Say Yes to Community

May 11, 2019
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

International conference of the Erasmus+ project entitled Old Guys Say Yes to Community will present methods, practices and approaches for greater participation and engagement in social life of man aged 60 or more. Researchers from Slovenia, Portugal, Estonia and Poland will present the main results of a comprehensive three-year research, while a broader discussion will be opened by experts from Germany, Sweden, Malta and the United States, members of the European network Education and Learning of Older Adults (ELOA). The event will include dance interventions (veterans of Tine Rožanc Folkloric Dance Group and Kanaepi dance group from Estonia) and gymnastics veterans of ŠD Sokol Bežigrad.

Photo: Gymnastics veterans of ŠD Sokol Bežigrad

Admission free.
Registration required at: https://oldguys.si/conference/