January 31, 2019 9:15 pm

»Beautiful to watch, heavenly to hear.« Humo

Slumberland is characterised by unique musical recycling, masterful sonic experimentation and nearly ritualistic performances. Jochem Baelus’ homemade sonic factory is constructed from discarded sewing machines, deformed knitting needles, old hairdryers, antique projectors and similar props. The mechanical noise of the improvisational installation is complemented by his dark vocals and raw guitar parts. Think Suicide vs. Swans. Live, drummers Alfredo Bravo (Flying Horseman) and Frederik Meulyzer (Stray Dogs) provide an organic counterpoint. In February, Consouling Sounds will publish Slumberland’s second album »Sea, Sea, Sea, Drifter/See, See, See, Drifter.«