Jana Menger & Rok Vevar: LOAD MEASURERS

January 12, 2019 8:00 pm January 13, 2019 8:00 pm

Premiere: 12 January 2019, 20.00
Repeat Performance: 13. January 2019, 20.00

The performance Load Measurers presents a series of relational choreographic situations, based on rhythmical, spatial, physical and kinetic interdependencies of the dancers. Even in the cases when the dance material becomes independent, there is always some other body imprinted on it. Or at least on its space. Our body is never a whole, but rather the multitude, or the consequence, the outcome and the possibility of various quantities and relations with time, space, other bodies, and movements. The composition of Load Measurers is structured by accumulation and variation procedures, whereby the relationships between the individual and common, between the individual and multiple are attempting to move simultaneously within the material (physical), the kinetic and the motivational (social) meanings.

The load in the title derives predominantly from the utterly physical starting points, which at the same time have their own existential and social meanings. The perfect exposure of the body to gravity (ground or suspension) is in fact its conversion into a pure load. In order to move, we must produce resistance. Every placement of two or more bodies in a relationship, both in material as well as in existential or social terms, inevitably implies the distribution of burdens. The elements of the kinetic engine of the dance material in the Load Measurers are exactly the ways to distribute the loads. The artists were particularly interested in the passages, in which the choreographic composition traverses into a certain “zero” stage of the social composition.

Choreography: Jana Menger
Dramaturgy: Rok Vevar
Dance: Veronika Valdes, Tajda Podobnik, Tini Rozman, Maša Hawlina, Neža Blažič, Neja Jeršin, Špela Šafarič, Andreja Vezovnik, Manca Kaliman
Music: Matevž Kolenc
Lighting Design: Andrej Hajdinjak
Produced by: Flota, zavod, Murska Sobota, Flota, Ljubljana
Co-produced by: Bunker, Ljubljana
Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, City Municipality of Ljubljana

Photography: Špela Bergant

Tickets: 10 EUR, 7 EUR (students, seniors)
Reservation and information: info@bunker.si, +386 51 269 906