Lana Zdravković / Kitch: No.1

December 10, 2018 8:30 pm
No. 1 is bold. She defies the dominant logic of factuality, counting and recounting that is backgrounded in economy, law-regulation, and marketing of the dominant dispositive of anti-politics. No. 1 is arrogant. She knows that resistance in those circumstances can only be collective, even though she knows very well that the quality of multitude depends on the quality of an individual. No.1 is rude.By constantly working on herself she affirms the gesture of emancipatory subjectivation that refuses the counting logic and reveals a scandalous fact:  politics is based on “incorrect” counting that opens the space of absence of any governance. No. 1 is dangerous as she is self-conscious. No. 1 is human as she is artificial. No. 1 is the one as she is the multitude.Tickets: 7 EUR, 5 EUR (students, seniors)

For both performances of the evening (Nataša Živković: Sonny and Lana Zdravković: No. 1): 10 EUR, 7 EUR (students, seniors)

Produced by: Kitch in collaboration with City of Women

Supported by: City municipality of Ljubljana

The performance will be followed by the Audience Council – a discussion about the performance by the audience. The discussion will be moderated by the actress and author Katarina Stegnar.

Foto: Nada Žgank