November 23, 2018 7:00 pm

Concept and directing: Christoph Jungmann
Performers: Hannu Risku, Julie Doyelle, Lee White, Michaela Puchalková, Peter Frankl, Rok Bohinc, Tomaž Lapajne Dekleva, Urša Strehar Benčina, Vanda Gabrielova
Lights: Borut Cajnko

Here You See is a gentle invitation to places that have significally shaped the lives of the performers. An invitation to spaces where they have spent a lot of time and which have characterized their lives in a specific period. Or spaces where they experienced something, the memory of which has by now been woven into their thoughts. An exploration of what new spaces can emerge when storytelling and movement bring a memory of a grandfather’s kitchen with a small Czech transistor radio into the backstage of Stara mestna elektrarna. Or when improvisers and audience’s genuine curiosity transfer an incredibly long and cumbersome family table from the French countryside to a theatre lobby next to an old steam engine.

The mobile performance that does not take place on stage, but in various corners of Stara mestna elektrarna, was designed by Christoph Jungmann. Within the Our Lives project he addresses the question of how spaces codesign our lives. When we enter the memory chambers of an international cast of improvisers and travel imaginatively we are already creating new spaces. Maybe we will pass them quickly as just a short layover on a long journey, or maybe they will influence us stronger.

Tickets: 5 EUR (per performance), 8 EUR (for both performances of the evening)
Ticket booking and information:, 00386 51 269 902
The performance is in English.