Compagnie selon l’heure: MAN ANAM KE ROSTAM BOVAD PAHLAVAN

September 16, 2018 7:30 pm

In the frame of 14th International Festival LUTKE 2018

Man anam ke Rostam bovad pahlavan or It is Through Rostam that I Inherit my Glory is a Farsi proverb, based on the story about the famous Persian mythological hero. Ali Moini chose it to expose how anyone can usurp someone else’s success by appropriating their qualities and strengths. The Iranian dancer uses an incredible mechanism of strings and pulleys, linking him to a metallic life-size puppet. The puppet gradually comes to life and reproduces the dancer’s moves. Thus a fascinating echo, an unusual dialogue between the man and the machine is established. It tackles the issues of identity, subject and object, creator and his avatar.

Foto: LUTKE 2018

Tickets: 5 EUR
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