Just intonation epitomises the long research that Masque carried out on Franz Kafka, through the theoretical diagram by Gilles Deleuze. Just intonation drops the machines of The Kafka Machine but retains the animal component… waiting for the danger to materialise. Two destinies are at the centre of the story: the destiny of the instrument and the destiny of the figure. There are still the body and the movement who make the form imperceptible. The body-woman is becoming secret, hiding nothing, by means of innocence and precision, even at the cost of a frightful technicality.

Just intonation is a work to decode. The pianist who doesn’t play creates sound by not playing and its musicality is spread in the whole body insofar as it doesn’t utter any music.

Just intonation is a sound-body. We move away from the melodic horizontality heading for harmony and long silences: a verticality of glissandi on intensity and frequency, a slight progression with a rhythm broken when originating a body-sound, without any appendage or prosthesis.

Written and directed by: Lorenzo Bazzocchi
With: Eleonora Sedioli
Physical computing, sound and lighting design: Lorenzo Bazzocchi
Electronics: Matteo Gatti
Set design: Eleonora Sedioli
Production: Masque Teatro

Both performances will be staged within the framework of the program Focus on Art and Science in the Performing Arts in Ljubljana.
The project is supported by the European Commission.