BETONTANC (“Concrete Dance”) was founded in 1990 by theatre director Matjaž Pograjc who gathered together people of roughly the same age from different backgrounds – musicians, dancers, actors, costume and stage designers – and through years became the main Slovene theatre-dance sensation.

Since then the exploration of BETONTANC was focused on the physicality of the human body and its correspondence with elements which bound the freedom of movement. Thus what moves the protagonists could be either infantile and ridiculous or brutal and violent, however audience is always confronted with the breath taking presence of realness.

The group was formed as a reaction to high intellectual and conceptual art works in the eighties as Pograjc states:

“I am not an anti-intellectual, but I stand against pseudo-intellectuals who are rolling like dogs in their own verbal shit”.

Betontanc performances

  • Track of the World (2014)
  • Audition for Life (2012)
  • Možda smo mi Miki Maus (2009)
  • Run for love (2008)
  • Dance or Die (2007)
  • Show your face! (2006)
  • Everybody for Berlusconi (2004)
  • Wrestling Dostoievsky (2004)
  • Maison des rendez-vous (2002)
  • Midnight Meat Flight (2000)
  • Secret Sunshine Schedule (1999)
  • On Three Sides of Heaven (1997)
  • Know Your Enemy! (1995)
  • Wet Hanky Thieves (1993)
  • Every Word a Gold Coin’s Worth (1992)
  • Romeo and Juliet (1991)
  • Poets Without Pockets (1990)
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