Ray, Daniel Ray
The Latvian group Umka.LV was established two years ago and quickly started touringat European festivals. At the festival Setkani Encounters in the Czech Republic, they won the title for best director, while at the festival in the French town of Cabourg they won a special jury award. The group Umka.LV creates a witty and dynamic theatre of objects. “The Story of Daniel Ray” is an action/crime story about the life of an old school rucksack and its dangerous exploits. (It is maybe worth mentioning tha tDaniel Ray is a trademark for designing rucksacks.)
The creators of the performance found their inspiration from action movies and TV-series, where the main hero bravely and intrepidly fights for freedom, justice and love. Our main hero falls in love with acharming lady handbag and has to fight against military style backpacks.

Text, concept, performers: Baiba Geķe, Gints Širmelis – Širmanis, Mārtiņš Brūveris, Andris Kalnozols, Mārcis Lācis, Ģirts Šolis
Producer: New Theatre Institute of Latvia & International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus

35 minutes



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