The fantasy nature of material objects: migrants, trauma and gifts

In midst of obsessive consumption, the developed world praises the ideals of de-cluttered life. Getting rid of the objects that don’t bring joy is the mantra of the neo-liberal times. Migrants and refugees who have escaped war and poverty are at first often observers of the conflicting ideals related to objects that exist in the developed world. Soon, however, they create their own fantasies about consumer objects. At the same time, the inhabitants of the countries where they are seeking refuge, form their own fantasies what kind of objects refugees need. In the discussion with Danish-Bosnian artist, Nermin Duraković, we will explore these fantasies by looking at the way Danish society dealt with Bosnian refugees, how they created special camps envisioning what kind of material space and objects are proper for the refugees. And in the discussion with the Turkish designer Gökhan Mura, the question will be what kind of fantasies Turkish migrants create around consumer objects and which presents they like to bring back home. Discussion will be moderated by Slovene philosopher Renata Salecl who will bring to the debate psychoanalytic understanding of people’s passions for consumer objects.

Lecturers: Gökhan Mura, Renata Salecl, Nermin Duraković

The entire program of the International Trans-Making Summer Forum: ON EMOTIONAL MATERIALISM.


29. 08. 2019


10:00 - 11:30


Pionirski dom at Komenskega 9
Komenskega street 9
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