Teresa Dillon is a researcher, artist, curator, pedagogue, hacker … Her educational background consists of theatre studies, scenography, and psychology. She inhabits several scopes of action – she deals with the topics of interest from various angles – scientific, artistic, activist, or in a multidisciplinary way. She delineates her field of interest as »the relations existing between people, communities, technologies, and management«. Her field of interest is also a culture of maintenance and repair, where she uses her hacking skills and her artistic strategies and tactics.

MTCD – A Visual Anthology of My Machine Life is a lecture performance, in which the artist walks through key machines that have marked her life – it begins with an incubator, which has significantly affected her life, but not just hers; for most machines in her life, almost all of us remember their first use: the internet, for example, an android robot, or a mobile phone. She talks about machines, but also about people and places and relationships – therefore, it is not a performance about machines, but rather about us. The relationship between people and machines is one of the key relationships of the present and the future. If we used to learn about the wheel, steam engines, electricity, etc., it is now time to deal with the machines of today – not only with their functioning, but also with what they mean to us.

(United Kingdom, Germany)

  • Author: Teresa Dillon
  • Set design and live image: Teresa Dillon, Rod Maclachlan, Luke Bennett
  • Co-production: Aksioma – Zavod za sodobne umetnosti, Ljubljana


Duration: 45 minutes

The performance is in English, Slovene summary will be available.


25. 08. 2019


18:00 - 18:45


1 €


Aksioma – Zavod za sodobne umetnosti, Ljubljana
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