Ronald Schimmelpfennig (Sebastijan Horvat): PREDTEM/POTEM


The Schimmelpfennig text Vorher/Nacher served Horvat as an excellent backbone for designing scenes from the lives of couples. The performance was one of the highlights of the recent theatre season. The ever present subjects of love, partnership and living together and the tendency to end up in ruin and also the stifling everyday routine of life are presented through expressive, exaggerated and absurd acting, which creates a distance to the text and an ironic distance to the acting itself. The events are often almost chaotic, voices are raised; things break and fall … Before/After directed by Sebastijan Horvat displays besides other qualities the calibre of the young generation of Slovene actors. We are bombarded with information and events that shape our lives and it is believed that human relationships are becoming less and less personal. But we can see that despite all these interpersonal relations, questions of love and sex are still the strongest force of our selfquestioning and also actions.

Directed by: Sebastijan Horvat
Set and costume design: Petra Veber
Music: Drago Ivanuša
Translation: Urška Brodar
Performers: Matevž Biber, Alja Kapun, Miha Nemec, Iuna Ornik, Nejc Ropret, Alenka Tetičković, Aljoša Ternovšek, Štefka Drolc
Lights: Igor Remeta
Sound: Janko Oven
Produced by: E.P.I. CENTER
Executive producer: Tamara Bračič
Assistant producer: Maks Soršak

120 minutes



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