Kristina Aleksova: THE HEART

The Heart. Muscle that drives everyone, even the heartless. Pump burdened with clutter of everyday life. Metaphor. Hot as fire or cold as ice. Symbol that endures everything, including life in a cage. Organ that saves lives. Dog food.
The performance that stretches and shrinks. It can take the form of a 3-day expansion or a 60-minutes extract. The performance constantly changes its structure and extends or shrink according to the context in which it enters. It can take the form of a 3-day expansion or 60-minute extract.

Photo: Marcandrea

Author and performer: Kristina Aleksova
Artistic guidance: Bojan Jablanovec
Executive Production and Mediatization: Sara Horžen
Costume and props: Olja Grubić
Voice: Ivan Lotrič
Choice of music: Kristina Aleksova
Light design: sonda
Sound design: Tomaž Grom
Counseling: Alja Bulić

Production: Via Negativa
Producer: Špela Trošt
Support: Ministrstvo za kulturo RS in Mestna občina Ljubljana


28. 01. 2020




5 €


Stara mestna elektrarna
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