The audio-visual installation will be open until the end of the month, during the events at Stara mestna elektrarna.The door will open one hour before the event and remain open for another hour after the event.Free entry.More informations



10th june 2020 - premiere 11th june, 2020 + The Audience Council (a conversation about seen art events, with Katarina Stegnar) In the framework of the international project ACT – Art, Climate, Transition, which connects art with a broader subject of ecology and social change, we invited three performing artists of the younger generation – director Tery Žeželj, director Brina Klampfer and performer Nika Švab. Each of them invited their own colleagues to participate, and they created Triptych ::: of art events – two performances and an audio‑visual installation. ARCHIVE OF SELF-SUFFICIENCY audio-visual installation 2.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m., Old Power Station, basement Who are we, the ones who created the environmental crisis, the ones that feel it, and whose world is it that is coming to an end? Authors: Tery Žeželj, Ivana Vogrinc Vidali More information Mandatory reservation at: FOR THE HEALTH OF THE NATION fun monodrama at 7.00 p.m., Old Power Station Improviser Peter Frankl and his friends will put on a fun monodrama for all those of you who missed theatre and are returning to it eager to have fun. Authors: Director: Brina Klampfer Performer: Peter Frankl More information TRANS-Plant performance at 7.00 p.m., Old Power…

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name:: SOS_SMS

light installationStara elektrarna chimney, Slomškova street Monday, 15 June @ 9.30 p.m.Reruns: 20th and 24th June, 4th July @ 9.30 p.m. The ephemeral intervention on the chimney of the first ever Ljubljana’s power plant, a unique monument of technical heritage, is a special event for the opening of the festival: it translates SMS messages into smoke signals using the Morse code in a simple and playful way. With this, the project tackles the topic of communication, its development and use in a society. Phone number to send SMS messages: +386 69 650 702 More information

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Dear writers, dear colleagues! As everything else, the programme at the Old Power Station has been temporarily coronically ground to a halt – and with it, Criterion ( The last performance, Station Selbstsein by Klemen Janežič, was probably one of the last shows performed on the eve the epidemic was declared. Muanis Sinanović already wrote about the performance and captured the unusual situation in which it took place: The aim of Criterion is to reflect on the Old Power Station’s programme, which is currently nonexistent. Since we want to keep the medium alive and offering work opportunities, we invite you to write, taking into account the following three subject areas: Theatre is moving online – many theatres are currently offering their production online. What does this mean for the future of the art that is so profoundly marked by its ephemerality, live presence, physicality? What does this mean in terms of evaluation of such works?Reviews of online performances performed in the Old Power Station or produced by Bunker – we are currently publishing our production online; you are invited to write about the performances, e.g. about the Lyrical Minutes in the City phenomenon, performances by Beton Ltd., etc., or…

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Couch Theatre – View shows online
Beton Ltd.: ICH KANN NICHT ANDERS, Dvorana športnega društva Tabor, 24.8.2016, 19. mednarodni festival Mladi levi

Couch Theatre – View shows online

Because there is the new #coronavirus around and because we #stayathome, we decided to post links to full length videos of our shows or other events on social media so that you could watch it right from your couch. We are collecting these posts here, so you don't lose track. #theatrequest #couchtheatre // March 14, 2020 Nine years ago, we invited the British art collective Station House Opera with the director Julian Maynard Smith (Artsadmin’s production) to create a wonderful community art event in Ljubljana with many local collaborators and volunteers. It was titled DOMINOES. We share with you this video that vibrates with us in these weird yet interesting times of today – together we can do it. 💜 LINK: When the first domino falls ... #mladilevi #festivalmladilevi 2. // March 16, 2020 Bunker's most performed productions are the LYRICAL MOMENTS IN THE CITY, which were created by Belgian director Dirk Opstaele & Ensemble Leporello together with Slovenian opera singers and musicians Irena Yebuah-Tiran, Katja Konvalinka, Diego Barrios Ross, Jure Počkaj and Jure Vlahovič in 2011! It was premiered at the Mladi levi Festival, and has since surprised thousands of people on the streets of Ljubljana, Vienna, Hanover,…

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Coronavirus Notice: Cancellation of Public Events at Old Power Station
Stara mestna elektrarna Ljubljana, avgust 2019

Coronavirus Notice: Cancellation of Public Events at Old Power Station

A new coronavirus is rapidly spreading across Ljubljana, Slovenia, and the world. In order not to spread the virus further, we have to give up all forms of socializing, and this includes performances, rehearsals, workshops… That is why we have cancelled all artistic program we have prepared at the Old Power Station until the end of March. We know we will meet soon and it will be a happy time! But until then we #stayhome. In order for days not to be too monotonous at home, we decided to post links to full length videos of our performances and lectures on our social media so that you can watch it right from your couch. And here we are collecting all these links, so you don’t lose track. #theatrequest #couchtheatre Photo: Nada Žgank

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New LP released by Beton Ltd. MAHLZEIT

  A new LP was released in the frame of the music performance event Beton Ltd. MAHLZEIT, a new chapter of the German cycle, started by the Beton Ltd. collective with Ich kann nicht anders (2016) and Große Erwartungen (2018). In Mahlzeit, dedicated to dining, feeding, snacking and socializing, the spotlight turns on music. The one Jure Vlahovič and Janez Weiss of the Dead Tongues duo have been creating for Beton Ltd. for the past ten years, and the one that is becoming – disguised and seemingly unrecognizable, with the collaboration of Maksim Špelko and Marko Brdnik – a stepping stone for the sequel, Hoppla, wir leben. It is time to listen and marvel. Selling now at the box office of the Old Power Station (Slomškova 18, Ljubljana). One vinyl record: 10 EUR You can buy it also online: Concept, idea and performance: BETON Ltd. MAHLZEITMusic written by Janez Weiss, Maksim Špelko and Marko BrdnikAll lyrics by BETON Ltd. MAHLZEIT except Sivina by Daša DoberšekRecorded by Jure Vlahovič and Robi Belušić in BearTracks Recording Studio and Penrose RecordingMixed by Jure VlahovičMastered by Gregor Zemljič Produced by BETON Ltd. MAHLZEITArtwork by Toni Soprano MeneglejteBETON Ltd. MAHLZEIT are:Maksim Špelko (drums and percussion)Marko…

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Beton Ltd. in La MaMa Theatre

Beton Ltd.:ICH KANN NICHT ANDERS The first performance of the German cycleis going to New York this January (16th to 19th)! “A show seen with gaping mouths. Not because the actors revealed themselves, but because they revealed society, not society even, they undressed us.” (Jaša Lorenčič, Ich kann nicht anders (I can do no other) is fifth performance of the collective Beton Ltd.. It is an arena where the audience peek like voyeurs into selected intimate moments of three people. Their relationship is fluid, their roles are ephemeral, their words … their words are something we would never write down, never say out loud in front of people we do not know, never repeat. Because they are so intimate, so banal, so common, so connected to everything daily omni-present, yet ungraspable: terrorism, capitalism, hashtags, patriarchy, sex, food … and: other people too. The atmosphere of this piece is ever elusive, almost embarrassing and the shifts are sublime: the viewer can never fully immerse herself in the performance, even though the performers are so close one could almost touch them, but one can also not look away. What happens behind closed doors or a curtain? “One of the strategies against…

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Snježana Premuš, Rok Vevar: Poíesis od Self

Curatorial statementThe performance Poíesis of Self is a follow up phase of process initiated by Snježana Premuš with Physical Manifestations in the period 2012–2015. In a series of presentations of study processes led by the choreographer with different dancers, audience of different profiles, professions and disciplines were invited to participate with a view to establish together how the physical creation of the perception images is expressive, what it produces, how it reads, and what may remain invisible to the eye. Dance critic, historian and contemporary dance archivist Rok Vevar also participated in these presentations and discussions. In 2016, Premuš and Vevar decided to lock themselves in the studio and start sharing their practices with each other. The performance Poíesis of Self, which arose from these meetings, is structured in a series of situations in which the non-invasive activity of the audience and performers is subject to experiential possibilities of converting the body into language and vice versa in places where a body is always already a language, and a language is a resource of the body.“The dance ‘performance’ Poíesis of Self, created by dancer and choreographer Snježana Premuš̌ in co-operation with dance theoretician Rok Vevar, could be described as a…

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dance performanceAfter creating the solo What If (2013) and having been part of the Image Snatchers collective for the past several years, Maja Delak has gone on to choreograph a pentagram with performers from different generations. Just for Today is a seemingly slow-moving instant composition intentionally crafted to bring to view the less visible, less conspicuous materialities, embodiments, physical states. The underlying principle in the ever oscillating and re-emerging space of sound landscapes is the ongoing negotiation of different perspectives, also with the audience. It is impossible to think about moving and movement, about identity, growing up and growing older and not think in terms of the body. In an intertwinement of manifold experiences, images, and topics, some of them individual and specific and some shared by all the performers, the sense of time is revealed through the body. Ageing is always fresh; there is always another layer of dust that has to be blown off, another wrapping concealing excessive invisibilities that has to be undone… If for An Aged Woman in Mina Loy’s poem the past has come apart, the future is inexploitable, and the present pain, the makers of this performance remain upbeat when faced with the challenges…

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