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Beton Ltd.: ICH KANN NICHT ANDERS, Dvorana športnega društva Tabor, 24.8.2016, 19. mednarodni festival Mladi levi

Couch Theatre – View shows online

Because there is the new #coronavirus around and because we #stayathome, we decided to post links to full length videos of our shows or other events on social media so that you could watch it right from your couch. We are collecting these posts here, so you don’t lose track.

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  1. // March 14, 2020

Nine years ago, we invited the British art collective Station House Opera with the director Julian Maynard Smith (Artsadmin’s production) to create a wonderful community art event in Ljubljana with many local collaborators and volunteers. It was titled DOMINOES.

We share with you this video that vibrates with us in these weird yet interesting times of today – together we can do it. 💜


When the first domino falls …

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2. // March 16, 2020

Bunker’s most performed productions are the LYRICAL MOMENTS IN THE CITY, which were created by Belgian director Dirk Opstaele & Ensemble Leporello together with Slovenian opera singers and musicians Irena Yebuah-Tiran, Katja Konvalinka, Diego Barrios Ross, Jure Počkaj and Jure Vlahovič in 2011! It was premiered at the Mladi levi Festival, and has since surprised thousands of people on the streets of Ljubljana, Vienna, Hanover, Berlin, Budapest and many festivals…

We invite you to watch this great video – it will definitely make your day better 😊


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3. // March 17, 2020

BETON Ltd. offers a video of their performance ICH KANN NICHT ANDERS

This is a performance meant for the times like now!

Enjoy it!

»The world around us is saturated with change, and if there is one constant, it is currently uncertainty. We anticipate changes, but it is not yet clear what they might be. One of the possible strategies to combat the deafening noise of the world is to retreat into one’s own world. Not to surrender, but to defend one’s own intimate territory against the outside world. A retreat into intimacy, where freedom is possible and where utopia is – now.«


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4. // March 22, 2020

Nowadays, when news are so heavy and the color of reality is turning gray, we invite you to stay away from everyday life with us for an hour, and plunge into the colorful world of glamour – watch a performance by BETON Ltd.: EVERYTHING WE’VE LOST, WHILE WE’VE GONE ON LIVING! You can do it right from your couch!

»Bold glamour and exquisite show; grandiose buildings and the time when anything is possible; is that merely a dream from the past? What were we born into and what kind of circumstances did we grow up in? What should we have done, but haven’t? What should we have contemplated, but haven’t? We have been neither rational nor responsible. That’s because instead of thinking about results, we’ve been making performances. Just as if our entire life – while lived – was replaced by a false freedom, in which others get to say whether sometime in the near future we’ll turn into citizens at peace with the world, desperate individuals and/or migrants in a place far away.«


They created it in 2013, yet it is still so alive!

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5. // March 27, 2020

Today, on the International Theater Day, we share with you at the Couch Theatre the first performance by the newly formed BETON Ltd collective: SO FAR AWAY Introduction to ego-logy!

“They had the money, not too much, but enough. They dressed in about the same way. They didn’t hide anything. They were without a past, without tradition. They took out trash, walked through errands, slammed the door. Their childhood memories were similar, as were their paths, the prospects for the future, which they seemingly chose for themselves, were almost the same, so they belonged to their time. They felt good in their skin. They were relaxed, at least they tried to be. They had a sense of humor. They were far from stupid. They were in love with freedom. It seemed to them that the whole world was made to their liking. They lived in full accordance with their desires and their dispersion was unmistakable. They felt like the masters of the world. “


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Katarina Stegnar, Branko Jordan, Primoz Bezjak, Stane Tomazin, Mateja Benedetti, Jure Vlahovic, Janez Weiss, #deadtongues

6. // April 3, 2020

This weekend we are releasing an extremely up-to-date performance at the Couch Theatre, the anti-celebration titled IF YOU ARE HAPPY.

It was created by an interesting collective of artists: Andrej Jus, Ana Duša, Spela Frlic, Natasa Živković, Polona Janežić and Brane Zorman

“The performance If You’re Happy is a cultural and artistic anti-celebration. If celebration seeks to celebrate the illusion of a country, worth of dignity, anti-celebration examines what this dignity represents and what are its foundations. If the celebrations in our country are censored, it is precisely the opposite with anti-celebrations: they speak about the issues that the censors are trying to remove from celebrations. If celebration consists of a well-defined protocol, anti-celebration is charged with the experimental and ritual character.” Andrey Jus, director

Anti-celebration If you are happy was created four years ago but the words are the same… they will probably be the same in the future of the future of the future… 😉


#couchtheatre #ifyouarehappy #performance #anticelebration

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