Mladi levi

The annual international festival of theatre and dance MLADI LEVI showcases groups and artists with distinctive and original ideas and disciplines from all corners of the world. The festival is a member of the JUNGE HUNDE, an international network of producers, managers and organizers from Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Turkey, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Great Britain, France, Norway and Slovenia. The mission of the network is the connecting of young artists and their presentation to a wider international audience; to refresh the innovative trends in European theatre and to create conducive conditions for cooperation outside local frameworks or borders.

The festival, which is regarded as one of the most attractive and interesting festivals in Europe is also unique, as it doesn't just provide an interesting programme but also gives artists an opportunity to stay the whole length of the festival and are therefore are able to see the works of other groups; associate; and exchange and create ideas for possible future collaborations.



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